As I See It

-Responsible developments that preserve farmland

The MD of Foothills is under significant pressure for development. Housing, business and commercial developments are a vital part of our community, but they need to be done in a way that protects our valuable agricultural land and maintains our air and water quality.


The MD has been hit hard by a reduction in tax revenues from the energy sector as well as increased costs. We need to find better ways of doing things if we are to stop the upward spiral our tax rates have been on.

-Community supports

The MD of Foothills supports and funds a number of community initiatives and recreation centres. These are part of what makes this community one of the best places on earth to live, work, and raise our families. We need to continue to build and support our communities for an even better tomorrow.

About Rob

Rob Siewert has lived in the Foothills area most of his life, growing up on a mixed farm near Cayley. He attended school in Cayley, High River and Montana and alongside his four brothers learned about cattle, farming and relationships. Now on the family farm with his wife, they are raising four kids who also attend Cayley school.

Rob raises commercial cattle and grows hay, which has been the catalyst for the development of his import/export business trading forage throughout North America. In this Rob has learned the value of teamwork, working hard and decision making that understands the comprehensive nature of business. Rob has been a devoted community member throughout his years as a volunteer in his local school, church, kids camps and just being there as needs arise.

Within the structure of a decision making team, he gave leadership for a multimillion dollar building project for a non profit organization. As a certified teacher and administrator with “Plan to Protect,” he teaches and facilitates abuse prevention programs to protect the vulnerable members of our society.

With a farm and business background of over 20 years, along with many hours of volunteer service in the community, Rob is well suited to represent division 1 in the MD of Foothills. His “get it done” attitude, “out of  the box thinking,” and “teamwork” mindset will be a valuable addition to MD council.

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